Our environmental policy

We publish our environmental policy for all employees and interested parties to see - after all, it does not consist of empty promises, but is rather a dictum for our daily activities.

Environmental protection takes maximum priority for Metallwerk Dinslaken. That is why the aims of our environmental policy are formulated directly by our executive management and accounted for by them.

Conserving resources

The focus of our business activities is the recycling of metals such as zinc. We thus contribute significantly to conserving resources, saving energy and therefore to protecting the environment.

Our commitment aimed at effective and sustainable environmental protection is authentic and is practised by all of our employees in their everyday work. Adherence to all legislative environmental regulations is self-evident for us. In addition, we have already introduced a management system according to EN 14001.


We document our aims for continuous improvement of environmental protection within our environment programme, and with regular "Management Reviews" we control the harmonisation of operative processes in accordance with our environmental policy. Discrepancies are documented by those assigned for this purpose and are reported to executive management.

We have drawn up an environmental code together with our shareholders, participating expert departments, assigned persons and all interested employees. It contains binding guidelines that aid us in achieving specified targets with a maximum level of acceptability and transparency.

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