Our environmental code

1. Environmental effects
Protection of the environment and of resources is an essential component of our corporate strategy. The implementation of this task is monitored and continually evaluated by our internal environmental management system. That applies especially to modifications and new processes.

2. Energy
The selection and implementation of energy occurs as efficiently and as sparingly as possible. Waste heat is used where it is economically feasible. Selection of energy types occurs under consideration of the effects these have upon the environment.

3. Water
Water is used sparingly and, where possible, is recycled. Water-saving fittings and technologies have been implemented.

4. Waste
Unavoidable waste from maintenance or administration is separately salvaged or disposed of. Authorisation of Metallwerk Dinslaken as a certified refuse plant bears witness to our commitment to offer customers an optimum level of service and support.

5. Noise
A noise register documents the positive development of our noise emission levels, and a noise reduction programme is paving the way for further development.

6. Manufacturing processes
Our manufacturing processes are in a constant state of development. As such, we have managed to regularly outdo the best of technology in terms of environmental friendliness and compatibility. This continues to be our maxim for the future.

7. Product planning / customer service
The standardisation and character of our products as well as our depth of knowledge allow us to offer an expert level of service and support to our business partners, whether suppliers or purchasers. Service is offered for source material qualities and product application and processing, and is targeted at environmentally compatible manufacture.

8. Suppliers
Our supplier contracts contain limitations for environmentally relevant components. Qualified reception control of source materials with subsequent laboratory monitoring secures quality levels.

9. Environmental hazards / accidents
In compliance with our stipulations, we carry out inspections of potential sources of danger for people and the environment. This is done at regular intervals and with the aid of a danger and load analysis. As a result, consequent actions are defined where necessary.

10. Information
Internal and external information concerning environmentally relevant topics promote the sense of responsibility for our environment. Our policy is communicated to all of our employees via intranet and information boards, and to interested public parties via our website.

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