Galvanising zinc from Metallwerk Dinslaken

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality secondary zinc that we produce via recycling processes from source materials such as zinc sheet.

Secondary zinc is used primarily by hot-dip galvanizing companies and brass manufacturers as well as for the production of zinc oxide and zinc dust.

Our product spectrum

Zinc manufactured by us is known in the market under the brand name of Special Galvanising Zinc “Dinslaken".

Our product programme for use in the hot-galvanising industry also includes further quality grades for special bath applications with nickel, tin and bismuth elements.

Added value for you

Zinc regained from recycling offers advantages through low levels of energy use and low manufacturing costs.

We pass on these savings to our customers, allowing for a favourable market price. A significant cost advantage is thus created for you by our products in comparison to zinc from primary ores.

In addition, the process of recycling leads to less of an environmental burden, thus benefiting us all.

Our secondary zinc also contains controlled parts of accompanying elements such as aluminium, lead and tin that are necessary for galvanising - a free additive that has a positive effect on the added value of Special Galvanising Zinc “Dinslaken".

Your safety

Special Galvanising Zinc “Dinslaken" corresponds to the EN 13283/ZS1 standard and is supplied in jumbo quantities (1.5 t) or plate packages (à 30 kg).

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